Mindful movements, moments and connections that bring us back home to ourselves - this is a commitment to people and their well-being.
Body Awareness & Mindful Movement Coach Laura Darcy is a current 500 hour ( RYT) Master Teacher trainer; with an intention to build capacity in community, through mindful movements for mental health. 
Dedicating her time to positive identity formation and education around what it means to come home in ourselves, Laura works to build capacity in community through inspired action and collaboration.   Centered out of Vancouver & Toronto Laura is a tiny home owner currently traveling coast to coast Canada. After donating her belongings to woman's shelters she set off with the intention of sharing in the power of human connection & unpacking what it means to live a life of value - through education, conversations & movements that creates space for people to come back home to themselves, their bodies and their communities.

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Contact Jamie at 204-573-3443 for more information on classes available

November  2018 Schedule

Robin shines a light on everything she graces. From Emergency First Responder to yoga, she is about seeing what she can expand in your life with the fun cardio and de-toxing yoga of Kundalini.

Yoga with Emily

Laura Darcy

Do you spend time at the gym but never workout your mind? Come to guided mindfulness meditation. Learn ways to separate body and mind, identify stress influences and how to manage them and work through uncomfortable states of mind such as anxiety, guilt and jealousy. Get in a workout every Monday night at 7 pm. Attendance by donation 🙏🏼✨

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Emily will be offering Prana Flow, Yoga for Healing, Candlelight Yin,  and Wheel Yoga.  Drop in is $15 for any classes November 9- Dec 8, 2018


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